Skipping meals, hungry, dizzy and tired

Patient: I have a friend that is to scared to ask but she told me her symptoms she is 14 her symptoms are Skipping meals, never feeling hungry, always tired and dizzy, organgey skin tone she thinks she may have an eating disorderEDIT:And headachesEDIT:And headachesEDIT:And headachesEDIT:And headaches

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and concern for your friend.Since your friend is just 14, the first thing you both should do is to tell everything to the parents and get to the Doctor for clinical evaluation, physical examination, counselling and proper treatment if needed.The causes of loss of appetite, headache, eating disorder, tiredness and dizziness and skin tone change all can be due to some medical disorder, that can be found only on proper medical check-up. insist your friend to follow what I told.I hope this answer helps you to help your friend.