Skipping placebo week and starting new birth control pack immediately

Patient: Hello,I have been on the birth control pill for 2 years now. I use one which comes in packs of 28 pills (21 active and 7 placebos) and each active pill contains 20mg ethinylestradiol and 100mg levonorgestrel. Over the summer I was on holiday at the beach and I really didn’t want my period. So my friend suggested I skip the placebo week (the week I get my period on) and just start a new pack directly. I did do this in the end so I did not get my period that month but I wanted to know if this is possible or if it messes up the cycle by doing this. Will is change the hormonal balance? What are the symptoms of doing this? Does it effect birth control?Thank you very much for your help!Looking forward to your reply!