Slap tear repair, possible retear??

Patient: 12 weeks post op slap tear repair. was doing good till week 6 taking shirt off something in shoulder got caught up and a popping noise ever since pain has gotten worse, very deep aching pain, sharp pains physical therapy makes pain worse. i am back in recliner and getting maybe 3 hours asleep . the pain is standing pain some days are worse than others. i do not believe i should still be in constant pain 12 weeks post op. Possible retear????

Symptoms: PAIN 24/7 wake up 2-3 times a night from pain. deep aching pain, pain behind shoulder blade, sharp pains

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It may be possible to re-tear the glenoid labrum post operatively. However, this can only b e elucidated with diagnostic imaging. Since it has been three months since your surgery and you are still in pain, this may be due to inflammation and adhesion formation within the shoulder joint, resulting in decreased range of motion, and excessive pain when you do move your shoulder around. We strongly recommend that you contact your orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible to have your shoulder reevaluated for a possible tear, or inflammation within the wishes you a speedy recovery.