Sleep all the time I can

Patient: I am a 32 year old mother of 2 boys, I weigh around 107 and am about 5’2″ tall. I have had hashimotos disease since I was 9 years old and have been on synthroid since then. I have been out of my medication several times for long periods of times due to several circumstances however I am not exactly contributing my problem to this cause specifically but has been happening more and more each day. anyways, I have been out of my thyroid pills for at least 3weeks if not longer, my husbands insurance just kicked in and I do have an apt on April 8th but I have felt horrible, exhausted and run down even doing nothing

Symptoms: No matter how much I sleep I am still tired, I can sleep right through the whole day and not feel rested at all, in fact I could probably sleep a whole week with no problems. I wake up and feel like I never slept a wink. I have no appetite, my legs, especially from ,y knees to my calves just to the touch even if I just poke them my hair is thinning, I have bad anxiety attacks