Sleep disorder?

Patient: Sleep disorder help! Any cure?

Symptoms: So l have had people tell me I sleep talk and a few days ago I was at a b day party and I had a R rated dream about my new bf any ways I have gone to sleep before at a friends house in a chair and woke up in there bed they were sleeping on the couch acrost from me and seen me sleep walk I mean I walked right threw a room u couldn’t even see a floor to get to the bed! Iv had my friends over for my b day party and about 4 am they woke me up freaked out I had my eyes open and my mouth open asleep! I tend to do this next one early in the morning when my mother wakes me for school so she will come in and say “get up for school” I will SIT UP LOOK AT HER EYES OPEN AND SAY “ok I’m up I’m awake” and talk to her till she leaves then lay back down asleep and she gets so mad at me ­čÖü I’m really scared of this I slept with my friend once and she said I kicked her in the face but any ways besides my symptoms WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?? Is there a cure? Any thing I can do? I really want to stop it all!!!!