Sleep narcolepsy?

Patient: I am currently 18 years old and have a 19 month old child. over the past year i have experienced high levels of day time sleepiness. when i was at sixth form i would often fall asleep on my lunch breaks. since finishing sixth form i have noticed my day time sleepiness more. i often fall asleep unexpectedly for short periods of time. if i read a book or watch telly in the day i often fall asleep or experience high levels of droziness. i often carry out tasks such as putting my purse in my bag and then completely forget ive done it even when someone tells me i have done it. i fall asleep very quickly and sometimes experience very strange dreams as soon as i fall asleep or just before i wake up. even after i have slept through the night or taken a nap i never really feel energised. i have been diagnosed with post natal depression, but the symtoms im exhibiting seem to be more linkd to my sleep-wake cycle than my emotional state. my dad can ofte sleep up to 3 days (72hrs) despite having peopl try to wake him up. i have a healthy and balanced diet and walk for about an hour each day with my daughter. could it be possible i am experiencing symptoms of narcolepsy or another sleep disorder? who should i see about this? thanking you in anticipation.miss shakira fowler.