Sleep problem

Patient: Its like my body is still sleeping because i physically cant move, but my mind is awake. I can hear whats going on around me and i am still aware of my surrounding, my senses seem to be on but i still cannot move. It scares me so bad sometimes because i actually have figured out how to wake my self up out of this. I have to concentrate of either my toes, or my foot, or my fingers, or my hand and i have to slightly wiggle them. It takes sometime but i cant eventually do it. I like have to move my body to make it realize that its time to wake up. its like im screaming and no one can hear me. I hate when this happens and i sometimes am afraid to nap during the day or evening. it even sometimes happens at night. What is wrong with me? oh and recently i have been having this mad ringing in my ears? Whats wrong with me??