Sleep Problem – Crying, and Insomnia and Loud Noises

Patient: Doc, I am a 17 year female who is quite satisfied with her life. But for quite sometime I have been crying in my sleep at approximately around 3:00 am. Sleep talking and sleep walking is an active genetic “flaw” in my family (my father has it and most of traits come from him). Although sleep crying has never been a problem. This is not my only problem correlated with sleep. My father has sleep insomnia, I find that as I grow up I am having the same problem either I sleep before 10:30 or I am awake the whole night and crash at 4:00 regardless of whether there is school or no school. Lastly I cannot sleep without the an active sound around, so I put on my TV and sleep, sleeping in silence is a fear to me. What is wrong with me?