Sleep schedule

Patient: Hello,I’m starting a new job soon that will require me to get up very early in the morning due to a long commute. I will have to get up between 5AM and 5:30.I usually go to bed between 10-11 PM and get up at 8 AM so getting up early will be a big adjustment.I have 2 questions about this:1. Would you recommend going to bed earlier than 10-11 PM so I get “enough” sleep (I know that number is different for everyone, I’m not sure how much sleep I need vs want)?2. I will only have to get up early on Thursdays and Fridays. Would it be a good idea to rise at the same time every day (i.e. 5AM) or should I make it dependant on when I have to be at school or work on any given day? I do not want to cause my body harm by having an irregular sleep schedule but I also need to get enough sleep to be mentally alert as I am a student in a demanding degree programme.Thanks!