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Sleeping patterns all mest up/ always tired no matter what

Patient: So im 24 years old 147 pounds my sleeping schedule was more nightly i would wake up at around 3:30 PM and go to bed around 6 AM every single day. sometimes i would throw a hour 1.2 nap inbetween if needed. recently i went to an event where i had to stay up two days in a row and wake up at 6 AM the next 2 days. a week after now my sleeping patterns are gone no matter what i do. yesterday i was only awake for 6 hours out of the whole day i felt like i needed a nap every 3 hours and it turned into like 4 hours of sleep. i just woke up from sleeping like 8 hours on and off but still tired. how can i correct this and or why am i always tired all of a sudden.



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Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.You are suffering from insomnia that too due to dysregul ated sleep pattern.I would advise you following in your scenario:1. To take sleep for 8 hours, on a fixed timing that is from 10 pm to 6 am.2. Avoid sleeping in the day time.3. You should not change your sleep timings.4. You should avoid taking caffeine before going to bed.5. Avoid alcohol and smoking.6. In case, you are not able to induce sleep initially at 10 pm, you can for a short duration use hypnotic drugs like Zolpidem. These drugs help in inducing you sleep and by this, you can make a habit if sleeping at that particular time. You should sleep this only for short course.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.

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Patient: only problem with this is that i have a work schedule of 4 PM-1 AM. what would you recommend for that type of schedule? also is their a way i can be awake during the day and not feel like i need extra amount of sleep? im always so tired even tho i exercise. example running 3 miles 3 days a week. i take multi vitamins but im always tired. anyway to not feel tired during the day?

Doctor: Hi,
In such case, you should sleep for 8 hours from 1 AM on wards.
If you have difficulty in sleeping at that time, you can take Zolpidem for short duration.
You feel tired in the day because your sleep in inadequate.
Good Luck.

Patient: one last question… i know insomnia is usually temporary . but i am 10/10 days always tired in the day time. i MIGHT be awake to function correctly for maybe 2-4 hours anything after that i most likley will feel like i need to take a nap or am just a zombie. my work profession is technician at an arcade and bowling ally so i need to be alert and be able to critically think to solve and resolve issues in a high maintenance building. the tiredness i feel is like in my head like i feel like i need to sleep my eyes wanna close type of feeling. but if i go to run i can mostly always run the full 3 miles if needed so its not like im lacking on energy. But the tired feel is always there. is their anything possible to do for me not to feel like that? or how can i get better quality sleep cause i have had this sleeping problem since i was like 15 but its gotten worse over the years. what would go from a 30-45 minute nap would put me through the day now its 2 hours needed at some point.

Doctor: Hello,
As i told you, you feel tired because of lack of sleep.
Sleep properly. In case you snore while sleeping that problem also needs rectification.
Once you will start having sound sleep, you will stop feeling tiredness.
Still, you feel, you can get your Hemoglobin and Vitamin D3 levels checked.
Good Luck.


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