Sleeping Problem, What is the Management?

Patient: Hello I seem to have a sleeping problem where i cannot fall asleep before 7AM and therefore when i wake up it will be around 4:30PM. I’ve tried staying awake all day but the following day i’m destroyed and will fall asleep in the afternoon. Any suggestions? Thanks

Doctor: Poor sleeping habits, anxiety and depression may cause insomnia. Use of alcohol, certain drugs, smoking and caffeine, sl eeping at different times each night, sleeping during the day, noise or light in the bedroom, evening workouts, using computer, cellphone or ipad in bed all can cause insomnia. Depression, stress and anxiety can also alter the sleep pattern.Sleeping at the exact time every night, use the bed only for sleeping and not using laptops, watching tv when in bed, avoiding caffeine and exercise before bedtime, yoga, breathing exercises and soft music may help relieve stress and can be beneficial in insomnia. If these measure do not help, you may need to be evaluated by your doctor and prescribed medicines for insomnia.