Slight anal bleeding

Patient: Hi so yesterday with my boyfriend for the first time we tried anal but after about a minute we stopped as i did not like the pain. after i had got home i discovered slight bleeding. which I’m quite concerned about and I’m not sure what to do. i got told by a family member it was likely just a tear but I’m concerned. is it normal to have slight bleeding after anal sex ?

Symptoms: Slight bleeding from anal region. light red in colour

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Yes, it is common to have slight bleeding after anal sex. The tissues around the anus are fragile and surrounded by multiple small blood vessels which may bleed due to contact or friction.In case the area is associated with other pathologies like rectal ulcers and anal fissures or hemorrhoids, the bleeding may hurt and get more severe.This may require an examination by a doctor and to stop the bleeding vessels measures may have to be taken accordingly. Also, one has to avoid anal sex as it carries a risk of infection and is not a natural way of intercourse.Hope this helpedRegards