Slight darkening of skin around fingernail cuticle

Patient: I am an 18 year old caucasian male in good general health. I have recently (in the last month or so) noticed a slight darkening of the skin at the base of my fingernails. It does not look particularly obvious and looks almost like a shadowy line beneath the cuticle of each fingernail.I can’t find much online that sounds similar and I’m afraid I don’t have a camera to take a photo at present. Is it possible that this could be caused by an underlying condition?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Darkening of the cuticle could be a normal process which is not associated with any serious medical illness. However, darkening of the cuticles could point to a possible developing fungal infection which would require medical treatment. In order to rule out a fungal infection of your cuticles, we recommend that you have your doctor examine your cuticles. If you are diagnosed with a fungal infection yo may be required to take oral antifungal medication to treat this infection.Thank you for consulting with your medical query.