Slight dip in shin, sharp pains.

Patient: So I’m 15 and I train for triple jump very regularly. About 5 months ago I was jumping and I felt some sheer pains in my right shin – and so I gave it a weeks rest. Within that week I seemed to feel okay and when I got back into training I would not feel any pain until I progressed further through the training session. From there I just carried on training and tried to ignore the pain but it worsened so I went to a doctor – he thought it was shin splints so I gave it 2 weeks off but the pain came back. I got an x-ray and everything seemed to be okay. Then from December to late January I had rested completely (roughly 3-4 weeks off) to avoid further damage. I came back recently and things seemed to go smoothly when doing drills but as soon as I went into the actual triple jump my shin started to hurt again, it seems to be quite a sharp pain. And also when I run my finger down my shin I feel a slight dip in the shin about half way down and when I press my finger down on this spot this is where all the sharp pain is coming from.The sharp pain only seems to be coming from activities such as triple jump or drills where I rely a lot on the shin and there is quite a large impact as I hit the ground. However, before I had rested the pain also occurred during sprinting and climbing stairs slightly – I think this was because of not taking time off.

Symptoms: Sharp pains in right shin bone (when practicing triple jump), where the dip in the shin is.