Slightly enlarged lymph nodes in multiple areas.

Patient: How long can lymph nodes be slightly enlarged befor it sets off red flags to a doctor?




Symptoms: Slightly enlarged (reactive looking) lymph nodes in neck and cheast. For longer than 5 months, possibly started as long as 2 years ago. Could be in other places but it has not been checked yet. Tiered, months of periodic low grade fever. 99.0-100.0.

Doctor: Hi.Noted you history of multiple lymph nodes in neck and other area (yet to be checked) for more than 5 months, poss ibly started 2 years ago. Also have tiredness and low grade fever for months.As per your question: the rd flag for Doctors- this is the red flag, all the history is suggestive that you are suffering from problem that needs detailed investigations.I would advise you the following:-Consult a Doctor to have clinical evaluation and examination.- tests of blood, urine and stool.- CT scan of the chest for knowing the lymph node status and any other problem.-CT scan of the abdomen to see for liver, spleen, lymph nodes and any other problems.- And Biopsy of a few lymph nodes to confirm the diagnosis.I hope this answer helps you get a proper diagnosis and a plan for a proper treatment.

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