Slip disc pain, do I need surgery?

Patient: Ive had a bad back on and off for about 5 years now. the doctors say everytime i have a sliped disc .i know the disc dose nt come out.this on going .i have pain down my legs. sometimes cant hardle walk. my back always has some pain manly mild. do i need an op to get it sorted?.

Doctor: A slipped disc means the disc between the two adjacent vertebrae is weak. It tends to bulge, with activities that put ex tra pressure on the weakened disc, expanding the bulge. This bulging disc can bring on the pain by putting pressure on the joints, nerves, or ligaments of your low back. With time or treatment, the bulge may get smaller and the pain may go away. If rest and medical measures are not successful or you develop additional symptoms due to pressure on the nerves, surgical repair may be considered, but usually proper rest and slow resumption of activities, trying to avoid strenuous exercises would help with the recovery.