Slowly rising HCG but no baby

Patient: On Dec 30 my hcg level was at 13, On Jan 5th my hcg was 109. My hcg is still rising slowly but no pregnancy is being seen. I went to two different ob who can’t give me an answer. Why is my hcg increasing if I am not pregnant? Last period was Nov 28. Been spotting since Dec 31st.

Symptoms: Spotting, Bleeding

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The cause of rise in hCG levels is due to pregnancy which could be intrauterine or even a n ectopic, any hCG hormone secreting tumors in the body, hydatidiform moles, and placental trophoblastic tumors, tumors following a full term delivery or even an abortion.There is significant or almost doubling of the titers in an established intrauterine pregnancy, in ectopic pregnancy the values may be low and slowly riding and may plateau as well.Consider visiting a gynecologist and the doctor may do an ultrasound to confirm the same and rule out the possibilities. Treatment may be in terms of injections of methotrexate, suction, evacuation if needed if the condition is an ectopic, other causes may be treated accordingly.Hope this helped.Do not ignore and consult the doctor soon.Regards.