Small bumps on upper lip, 1mm in sizes, what are they?

Patient: Do I have fordyce spots on my lips? Problum started reasently and I haven’t dated in a while.

Symptoms: Small white grains on my upper lip. No irretation, barely noticable.

Small bumps on upper lip, 1...-1

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.These could be fordyce spots, vitiligo, allergic reaction etc.I recommend a visit to a dermatologist to rule out the conditions. Fordyce spots are just accumulation of the oil in the sebaceous glands which appear as the small white spots . These do not have a cute but they can disappear with laser therapy.Vitiligo is the loss of pigmentation of the lips usually caused by the autoimmune disease and can be treated by topical steroid therapy, surgical skin grafts or photochemotherapy.Treatment in your case would depend upon the diagnosis .Hope this information was useful.