Small circular firm bumps on penis that excrete clear liquid

Patient: I first noticed a small lump on the side of my penis last year. The lump was small, circular, and firm. It seems as even if I leave it alone, the acidity from the clear liquid it excretes makes my skin sink in about a mm leaving a very small but noticeable circular scar. About 4 days ago, I got the same thing about an inch from the previous spot on my penis. I tried even harder not to mess with it this time, but the same result. Doesn’t seem to go away until the liquid is out of it. It is healing now, but seems to be leaving the same circular indentation scab, that will inevitably turn into the same scar as before. This time, it is not only localized to my genital region, but I also have the same type of bump on the back of my neck right below my hairline. This one is a little bigger, and doesn’t seem to be leaving the circular indentation, though it is still inflamed even though I’ve drained the liquid that comes out of it. I feel as though both of these came about in times of great, or unusually high stress levels. I’m also experiencing very prominent fatigue and mental fog and a little unusual muscle soreness. I seem to be having a hard time concentrating on things as well, more so than usual. I have a doctor’s appointment next Wednesday, but I would LOVE to get some answers before then, mainly for my mental health!

Symptoms: Small, circular, firm bumps that excrete clear liquid. Mental and physical fatigue. Mental Fog. Lack of concentration. Unusual muscle soreness.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Although we would like to state that further testing and examination needs to be conducted to provide you with a definitive diagnosis, you could possibly be experiencing symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection. Possible infections could be herpes or syphilis. It is important that when you see your doctor, that you are tested for sexually transmitted infections as a possible cause of your symptoms. Your mental fog and decreased concentration along with muscle weakness may be due to these infections as well, or may be due to the development of depression as a separated medical problem altogether. Once assessed and diagnosed for both problems, the appropriate treatment will be prescribed to you.Thank you for consulting