Small Fetal Head Circumference at 32 weeks

Patient: Hello. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound at 32 weeks but was unable to get back into the doctor for results until 35 weeks due to poor weather conditions. I was never called or alerted that there was an issue until I sat down in the dr.’s office two days ago for my 35 week appointment and was met with “Where have you been? We needed to see you!” I was then told that my baby’s head during the 32 week scan had measured in the 3rd percentile. I was told that the dr at the hospital where the ultrasound was taken had made a specific note that this percentile was not small enough to be a serious complication, but that the baby’s growth would need to be monitored to ensure that she does grow. I began to ask questions such as “What does this mean?” “what is she hasn’t grown?” but was met with the response of “Don’t panic. We will have more answers at the scan.” They scheduled me for an ultrasound next week at my normal weekly prenatal checkup, so that has provided at least some comfort as they didn’t rush me in for an ultrasound the next day. Then again, after trying to google for answers which didn’t get answered when I asked, I am now worried that maybe there was no need to schedule the scan earlier as nothing can really be done if there is something seriously wrong. I am also worried that they should have contacted me as soon as they had the ultrasound results or let me know when I called to reschedule my missed appointment due to the weather that there was a need to get in sooner. What could possibly be the problem? How in the world can I help but worry?

Symptoms: Small fetal head circumference. 3rd percentile in measurement