Small lump and dull pain in right breast after athletics

Patient: Hello, I am sixteen and last night I threw a frisbee and felt some pain on my right side ride underneath my collar bone. I stopped playing after that, but this morning I woke up and was fine for a little while, but then very suddenly, while typing a paper, I felt a dull pain in my right breast, and a little bit of a bump. Did I tear something? Should I be worried? Should i ice it or something?

Symptoms: Small lump in boob after throwing frisbee the previous night
dull pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you may have strained a muscle in your shoulder or chest area. Another possibility is that you may have sustained a soft tissue contusion of the breast from the motion of throwing. This would result in localized swelling and pain in the breast area. A muscle tear would be intensely painful, and the range of motion be markedly decreased. We recommend that you have this area of your breast examined by your doctor. You may need to undergo an ultrasound of the area to assist in determining the nature of this swelling. You can apply ice to assist you in reducing the pain, but we recommend that you see your doctor as soon as you can to make sure the injury is not serious.Thank you for consulting