Small lump close to my genitalia area

Patient: Hi, I have a concern about a small lump I discovered in the shower. It it in the area where my leg meets my torso at about hip level next to my genital area. It feels about the size of a pea and pressure makes it hurt I know it isn’t an ovarian cyst but it feels like a cyst and that was the closest I could come up with. I am concerned that it may be serious… What could it be?

Symptoms: A pea-sized lump near the pubic area on my right side below the hip flexor I think. It is pretty hard but I can kind of move it side to side. And it does hurt when I apply pressure.

Doctor: Thank you for question. This lump could likely be a benign cyst, a lipoma (a benign fatty deposit), or a swollen lymph n ode. These can occur iatrogenically and usually resolve without any complications on their own. We recommend that you refrain from pressing it to much as this can aggravate the pain, and swelling. Simply monitor it over the next few weeks to see if it is becoming more tender, increasing in size, or if anymore more of these types of ‘lumps’ are showing up. We would suggest you be too concerned at this point.Thank you for choosing