Small painless bump near my gorin

Patient: Dear Doctor,I have a marble sized painless bump near my groin area which eventually grew a little bigger.Exactly located where the inner thigh meets the groin and i have it for almost 2 years.Since it has not harmed me i have not yet consulted any of the doctors regarding this.i have hypothyroidism and am taking eltroxyn 75mcg with doctor’s advice and was recently diagnosed that both my ovaries are borderline in size with 14cc volume each.I do have an elevated esr count and scanty flow during my periods. Are all these inter-connected and how should i further move on to get the bump removed.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that this swelling could be an inguinal lymph node. These can swell from tim e to time in response to lymphatic drainage from the area of the groin, or due to sub-clinical infections which are being effectively cleared by your immune system. If this swelling becomes larger and/or painful we recommend that you have the area examined by your doctor as well as conduct STD testing to rule out any infectious disease etiology of this swollen inguinal lymph node.Thank you for consulting with your health query.