Small red bump on testicle with blood that comes out when I squeeze it

Patient: I have a small red bump on my testicle that seems to be filled with blood because if I squeeze it, it will become skin colored, than instantly become red again. It’s a little smaller than a lower case “o”. I’ve had it most of my life I decided to pop it one day, which took no effort, and it started to slowly bleed. The problem is, it wouldn’t stop bleeding. I applied pressure, put sterile gauze on it, but it wouldn’t ever stop. After a few hours I somehow got it to stop. It healed and went away for a while, but now it has come back and I repeated the process. It’s just a scab now, but I’m afraid I’ll roll over in the middle if the night or something and it will open without me knowing. Is it a possibility that I could cauterize this myself?

Doctor: This red bump appears to be an hemagioma, which has a tendency to bleed profusely and recur on the same site. You could get it cauterized by a professional skin specialist at a clinic set up.