Small red dots all over Penis head

Patient: I have had some issues going on with my penis the last 2 months. I dumbly had unprotected sex and immediately the next day noticed I had tiny red shiny spots on the head of my penis and underneath of it. I haven’t had the chance to get checked out because a month prior I had already paid for an STD test and came back negative. I looked over tons of pictures and it doesn’t appear to be any of the STD’s. I tried home remedies to even using an anti-fungal cream but nothing works. It hasn’t gotten any better or worse. If I have sex all it does it appear more read and then goes back to a pinkish color. It doesn’t hurt, I don’t have any itching or discharge. I just really would like to know what it is because everything I thought it could be should have cleared up by now from everything I have read. I have desonide cream leftover from a previous skin problem about a year ago and I was wondering if I can use that on my penis or would that be dangerous?

Symptoms: Red shiny irritation on penis.

Small red dots all over Pen...-1 Small red dots all over Pen...-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question.As a general rule, penile bumps are STD’s until proven otherwise.Based on the pictur e provided and the absence of pain or itching, the small red bumps could be fordyce lesions, pearly papules or HPV.The first two are non contagious but HPV has lifelong implications for you and your sexual partners.It should be examined in person by a doctor immediately.