Small semi-hard bump behind right ear on the side of neck

Patient: About 2 years ago the lymph nodes under my chin became inflamed, so did the right side of my neck. After a few days they both went down to normal. A couple of weeks later the one under my chin became inflamed again, and shortly became normal size again. The one on my neck, however has reduced in size, but has not gone away completely, it has been over a 1 year and a half. At the time I did not go to the doctor because they had reduced in size. I have had no other symptoms, it feels very small and kind of hard. I have an ultrasound next week, my doctor told me she is 99% sure it is nothing serious, but i am obviously still very worried, i’m only 26 and consider myself to be very healthy.Additionally, I have seasonal allergies, always get pinkeye every spring, I have always owned dogs which i am somewhat allergic to. I have also had tonsillitis a few years ago. Around the time my lymph nodes enlarged i was very stressed.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and a very elucidate self-explanatory history you have put forth.The recurrent and regressi ng on their own lymph nodes with the history of allergy, getting pink-eye and having dogs is suggestive of lymphocytic infiltration of the lymph nodes. A few nodes may remain a bit enlarged and nothing to worry about them.Of course, one should get ultrasonography and FNAC just o rule out any serious problems.Just wait for the reports and your Doctor will be prescribing you a combination of antihistamine and oral steroids to tackle the problems of lymph node and other allergies you have.I hope this answer will help you to get a proper guideline to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.