Smell & Taste Dysfunction

Patient: I lost my sense of smell and taste following a sinus infection in mid April and it has not returned. It more so appears I may have distorted taste and smell for everything that touches my tongue or I sniff has a medicine/non food like odor, but even now that appears to be diminishing. I have a sensation in my throat also that has persisted for the last 4 months. Prior to the loss of smell, I was experiencing extreme fatigue, changes in my hair – brittleness and loss of hair, concentration issues, and joint pain in my knee in which I had surgery 3 1/2 yrs ago – and this year, it had begun feeling better than ever. I feel like a different person. I have been to 2 ENTs, gynocologist, a gastro dr, neurologist, pulmonary, general practitioner and encrinologist as different tests led to my being referred to each but no one has been able to resolve my taste and smell dysfunction. I have had a CT scan of my sinuses and an MRI, chest xray and endoscopy all with normal results. In my continued quest to seek answers, I decided to see an allergy doctor just wondering if I may be allergic to something that caused this problem. I found I was allergic to mold – fusarium and monilia-and weeds. I have since discovered mole in my house – some under the sink in my kitchen and in our ductwork. We are now addressing that issue and from searching on the internet, I found that many of my symptoms could be contributed to mole exposure. How can I best be helped to begin feeling better again – My general dr referred me back to the allergy and pulmonary doctors. Please Help! Valerie Johnson

Symptoms: Initial symptoms when I thought I had a cold – sore throat, fatigue, cough – which I very seldom have had in my life, some sneezing – another rarity, a strong “ammonia smell” in my nose, and streaks of blue in my nasal mucus when I blew my nose. General med doctor saw inflammation, prescribe azithromycin and Flonase, and after the first dosage, went to bed, and the next morning, April 21st, I could not smell or taste.