Smoked marijuana last friday

Patient: Hello!This past Friday , I had made an irresponsible decision to give into peer pressure and smoke marijuana with several of my friends . They had pressured me into doing it . I have smoked before , but have never experienced these type of symptoms . Ever since smoking this past Friday evening , I have been experience a strange sort of numbness throughout my body . I can feel things , but it feels as if I’m out of my body still . I also feel very spaced out still . I do not know what is happening , but I really would like someone to have some type of answer to what I’m experiencing . Is the THC still in my body ?

Doctor: Thanks for your question.The duration of a marijuana high usually depends on the mode of administration. Additionall y, the effects of marijuana vary by the individual. Marijuana effects are highly dependent on several factors related to the administration of marijuana and marijuana’s quality in general. For example, if marijuana is ingested orally, the effects will be milder but will last longer than several hours. Bear in mind that a first time marijuana user will not necessarily feel the same high effects as a chronic user; effects will vary from euphoria and panic to no effects at all. Effects of smoking marijuana are noticeable within minutes after the first intake, and usually reach peak levels after 30 minutes. Most physical and psychological effects of marijuana will return to normal within 5 hours after administration, with exceptional strains or high potency THC effects reported to last for 24 hours.Hope this helps.