Smoker facing a discomfort in my left jaw and a very minor pain when I swallow saliva

Patient: Hello doc,Well I am 28 years old female and I have been smoking since past 9 years but at the same time I smoke in moderation (2-4 cig at the max/day)..From last 2 days, I m facing a discomfort ness in my left jaw (lower side) and a very minor pain when I swallow saliva..I am thinking of seeing a doctor if it doesn’t go away but I m afraid that obviously An ENT Specialist will examine my throat and my concern is “Will he/she be able to figure out that I smoke cigarette just by looking at my throat??” And if yes then till how long?? What if I quit smoking and then go to a doctor ?Thank u




Symptoms: Weight loss (I was 59.2-60 and now I m 55-56)..*im not working out
I feel a piece of cough but not in my throat but inner area of my nose ( like I have to drag it in and it reaches to my throat but after a while I again start feel it in my nose..)

Doctor: Thank you for consulting us. Of course, doctors can have a hint about it by looking into your mouth. But It is not the q uestion here. When you are suffering from pain, don’t hesitate to consult doctor and get proper treatment. Possibilities of pain in this case are dental caries, tonsillitis, inflammation of salivary glands, obstruction of salivary ducts etc. Consult your doctor to find the exact cause and get treated. Have a nice day.

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