Smoking marijuana and athsma reaction

Patient: I am 19 years old and smoked marijuana recreationally a number of times (25-30) and have noticed some unpleasant and disturbing effects lately. The first time I smoked it heavily (0.5-0.75g in one night) I noticed that the next day I would cough and wheeze fairly badly(i do have mild athsma that does not usually bother me at all and it triggered it somewhat more significantly than I usually get episodes). I have also had some periodic chronic postnasal drip and nasal congestion prior to smoking marijuana. This continued to happen on the next few occasions I used it. Then one occasion after the effects of my last episode subsided, I had this happen only a couple hours after smoking and pretty bad. This time it lasted a number of days and did not even seem to begin getting better for a couple days. What could have caused this? I do not plan on using it again because of various reasons, but I am curious why these symptoms occured.