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Sniffling and Snorting noises from Husband

Patient: Hello there,im fed up of hearing my husband constantly sniffing through his nose and grunting and clearing his throat.what could be the cause.its so annoying and sounds horrible.thankyou


Doctor: Hello, your husbands Throat clearing could be explained by different origins but one thing is common, its due to cleari ng out of mucous, or perceived mucous, from ones throat or the area behind the tongue down to the vocal cords. However the most common causes could be explained by allergies, sinusitis or rhinitis if the presence of post nasal drip is noticed, Tonsillitis might also be one possibility.A good examination done by an ENT might be necessary to rule out the exact diagnosis and possibly the need of Antihistamines might be suggested by your physician. I wish him a prompt recovery.

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Guest: My 68 yr old father is constantly sniffling, summer/winter, it doesn’t matter. He says he feels a constant sinus drip, so he sniffles. I ask him why he doesn’t blow his nose instead. He said if he did he’d be constantly blowing his nose. He says nothing comes out when he does blow his nose. His family doctor gave him some nose spray which hasn’t helped. He hasn’t been to an ENT doctor yet. I’m going to try to motivate him to go see one.


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