So for a while now ive been feeling really uncomfortable

Patient: So for a while now ive been feeling really uncomfortable. So i noticed about a month ago that i had a small bump on my neck on the right lower side . It was skin colored and looked like it was beneath the skin, it was tender and it was about the size of a pea. And over time its size changed it went from big to small, to hardly there. Just before that though i started getting quick sharp pains in all different parts of my head. A while after i started getting chest pains on the left side and i found it kinda hard and difficult to breath, but it wasnt that bad. I also feel more sick to the stomach more often. However yesterday i had a head ache because i didmt sleep enough the night before and i ate somwthing and took a pill and i felt nauseous all day, and today i woke up fine but i came back and now i feel nauseous and feel like something wants to come out of my through, or that it feels “opened”.EDIT:I also forgot to add I’ve been coughing a lot lately tooBut I don’t feel like I am I’ll with a cold or flu

Symptoms: Lots of coughing, nauseous, chest pain, difficulty breathing, sharp pains in the head

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have a throat infection from the description. The throat infection is c ausing symptoms of yellow sputum from the throat. The infection and the fever is also causing the other symptoms like the headache.My advice is that you see a Doctor and get antibiotics for this and get treated. Hope this helps you. All the best.