So I am currently a nursing student and had an accidental prick

Patient: So I am currently a nursing student and yesterday at clinical, I placed and D/Cd an IV on a patient I had (but that we didn’t know was HIV+). During the IV catheter placement, I wore gloves and there was no needle stick or anything, but when I took the other IV out, I touched her arm (ungloved) before putting on gloves to look at it, and there was a little dried blood on her arm. I didn’t have any open cuts on that hand but I DID have a teensy scratch on my other wrist and I cannot for the life of me, remember if I touched that wrist or not. After leaving, I used antiseptic foam. When we found out she was HIV+ we washed our hands with soap and water. The patient had already been on HIV meds but I’m not sure for how long. The nurse I was with didn’t seem very concerned at all but I’m a little nervous. Should I start on the prophylactics? Any advice would be great. Thanks!!

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”As you have described the incidence it appears that it has n as negligible chance of transmission of infection. As you said it was a dried blood which you touched and don’t remember whether you have touched other wrist which was having a scratch. It is very uncommon for a person to touch injured part by own.You need not worry as you have washed your hands immediately after touching the patient.Hope this will be useful to you.