So I don’t always have “morning wood” It feels

Patient: So I don’t always have “morning wood” … It feels like less than normal. I can still get aroused and have sex but at times my erection isn’t as strong as I’d like or it should be. I’m 27, 163 lbs, 5’10” fit and have an active job. Is this something that’s normal ? i had a divorce last year and a lot of stress and anxiety so I kinda attribute some to that but idk…

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.Stress can lead to erectile dysfunction and cause problems. It is not necessary that you must always have an early morning erection for a fruitful coitus. However, in case you feel it is not normal or is less, you could visit a doctor for an examination.Try to avoid stress, smoking, alcohol and have enough sleep. Meditate and deep breaths. These exercises will help. We also need to rule out medical disorders like diabetes and hypertension which could be a cause of less erection. Have a healthy lifestyle. Do not worry.Please feel free to ask follow ups.Hope this helpsRegards