So I got the Mirena around six months ago I

Patient: So I got the Mirena around six months ago I think. I got it to alleviate period cramps and it has been great so far. A few weeks ago I was possibly raped. I haven’t had sex other than that (and I can’t remember all of what happened that night). My boobs are a little tender and I’ve been feeling nauseous and had a lack of appetite for the last week or two. I’ve continued to spot just like normal with the mirena in the first few months. Do you think it is possible I might be pregnant? I know the statistics are so low (especially just from one instance), but who knows–I’m 20 and probably pretty fertile otherwise. If you think there is a chance I could be pregnant, should I buy a cheap test at the drug store or go straight to the doctor. I’m in college so I have lots of free (well, paid for by tuition) resources at my disposal. Thanks for your advice.