So I had sex with this guy the same day

Patient: So I had sex with this guy the same day I met him. He seemed nice and he said he was clean, but we still used a condom during intercourse. He sucked my dick a little and I gave him a rim job. It wasn’t like it was bleeding, but when I spread his butt open there was a small open wound which might of happened when he was getting ready in the shower. I ignored it trying to impress him. It was probably 2-3 jabs with my tongue and then I put the condom on. After penetration, the condom got dirty and I took it off forgetting that, that was the only condom I had on me. I ended up lubing and finishing using the crevice of his butt.I wished I checked my mouth that night so I would have more clarity of what this is. I checked 2 days later and noticed I have these small white bumps, it might just be the light reflecting on them when I check, running up the side of my mouth to my uvula. They don’t itch or hurt and they’re not bunched together. They’re evenly spaced out. I’ve read a lot of stuff of what it could be, but none of descriptions/pictures makes me 100% sure. I would think something would have shown up on my tongue before going back there. Also, I know with my paranoia, it could have been something that was already there, but I just recently noticed because of the incident. It’s almost been a week and I think it’s starting on the other side. Last thing, the finishing part I don’t know what I could have been exposed on the outside. Herpes I think, but other than that I’m not sure. What would you recommend I get tested for?

Symptoms: I just took a picture and the bumps aren’t showing up so it might be just the light reflection in the mirror, but the bumps are there.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.On reading your detailed history, and reviewing the image attached along with it, we are of the opinion that the picture seems quite normal eith no visible lesions. However, it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist for an examination and investigations to rule out std. You will have to get yourself examined and tested yo rule out chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes,HIV ,and a spectrum of other diseases which the doctor feels are important.Do not be pparanoid. However, it is advised to avoid unprotected oral or anal or genital intercourse in cases where your doubtful about the infective status of the partner.Hope this helped.Regards