So I just got tested for all stds including HIV

Patient: So I just got tested for all stds including HIV. All tests can back negative. Last night was having sex with a girl that I was having sex with prior to tests. Penis was inside her unprotected for less the 40 seconds and not even close to ejaculation or fully hard. I found out she had slept with another 2 guys as well prior to me getting tested. Do I need to get tested again for the short period of time my penis was in her unprotected?

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your history of negative tests reports of STD but having unprotected small interaction with t he same girl which has similar interaction with two other boys.This indicates that you have to have tests again and should not have sex with such a person who has multiple partners.Take care and use protection every time and the better way is to have no sexual interaction with such people at all.Hope this helps you