So I started taking bupropion a few days ago and

Patient: So I started taking bupropion a few days ago and have developed a rash that itches. Common sense would say I’m allergic but I had another idea. I know SSRIs initially cause serotonin levels to drop which explain the start up side effects. Since bupropion is also a reuptake inhibitor could it cause norephinephrine levels to drop initially as well, which would explain the rash as with lower norephinephrine levels cause an increase in allergies.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Serotonin levels are only decreased for a short time while taking SSRI. This is however a very short lived effect.The initial time that you are talking about is less than 24 hours and usually significantly lesser. Also, SSRIs have minimal action on norepinephrine. Thus the effects you are getting are most likely attributed to allergies. See a Doctor to confirm this.Do not take allergy medication as it can react with SSRIs. Hope this helps.