So, I was helping my dad, trying to tie down

Patient: So, I was helping my dad, trying to tie down some batteries from Napa. I wasn’t paying attention (and neither my dad) and my ring finger on my right hand, got smashed by the “tailgate” of his truck when my dad was lifting it to close it. He didn’t use full-power to close it. He only closed it with little strength. My dad felt something block it –something soft– and he knew right away it was a finger. When I removed my finger from the tailgate…well…you can see the picture. The “webbing”(?) Like-thing that are on nails got partly destroyed. Also, part of my nail is just black (although it’s only a small part). My dad told me the nail is going to come off and I’ll grow a new one. He feels very bad cause he had a similar experience and he knows what it’s like. Right now, at 7:01pm on 4/22/15 I am applying a cold-ice pack wrapped in paper towels. There is dry blood in the spot where it was smashed.So my question is: Should I be worried about my nail coming off? Will it regrow to be deformed? Will it actually come off? Or is there a chance of it not coming off?Thank you for reading.

So, I was helping my dad, t...-1

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your question on “Ask The Doctor”.Well there is not much to worry about.The nail will grow at normal shape.When the black spot will reach the tip of the finger the nail bed will be loose below it. further growth will cover the same from below.You are advised to cut the nails in normal way.Wish you a good health.