So I was laying with my mate

Patient: So I was laying with my mate. And we were getting ready to have sex. I was fully erect during the foreplay but when it came time to have sex I lost my erection. What’s wrong?

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The DoctorYou should not use any expired medicine be it Cialis or any other.The two most common cau ses of Erectile Dysfunction in Males are:1. Diabetic Neuropathy2. Psychogenic Erectile dysfunction.Get your blood sugar tested.Since you were able to achieve the erection and lost it later, it means you just had anxiety related erectile dysfunction..In such situation, I advise following:1. To take Methylcobalamin supplementation.2. To use Sildenafil as on when required basis that is whenever sex is desired.3. To cut down alcohol in case you take as this reduces erection when sex is tried after consumption of alcohol.4. To keep blood sugars well controlled.This is my best opinion for you.You should discuss with your Doctor before acting upon any advice.Stay healthy