So I’m 16 My little sister and my boyfriend were

Patient: So I’m 16. My little sister and my boyfriend were playing catch with a softball two days ago. She went to throw the ball at my boyfriend but instead she threw it at me. I was on my phone at the time holding it with my right hand. The ball came and hit the top or “knuckle” of my thumb, right where the joint is. It swelled up fast. I couldn’t move it for about two hours. I put ice on it for that first hour as my mom told me to. This happened in Saturday around 6:30pm. It’s now Monday at 8:15am and my thumb is still swollen and still hurts. Some signs of bruising have shown too. I can bend the top of my thumb to a certain point before it starts to hurt but trying to extend my thumb forward or backwards hurts. Also putting any kind of pressure on it hurts. Even pressing the home button on my iPhone hurts. It also feels like it’s getting stiff as the day goes on. It doesn’t feel good. My moms refusing to take me to the doctor because she says its just a bruised bone. I hope it’s not more than a bruised bone but I feel as if it is. I don’t know what to do now. Should I get it checked out? Is it more serious than a bruise?

Symptoms: Pain, tenderness, stiffness, swelling, bruising

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Doctor: HI.Read your history and seen the clear picture you have posted.The diagnosis looks like he joint is affected gi ving you stiffness and pain in a certain positions.Well, since your mom has refused to take you to the Doctor, I can suggest you the following:-Take a PPI like Omeprazole and Anti-inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen at 8 hourly interval after food.- Keep the hand above the heart level, this helps reduce the pain and the swelling.- Warm saturated saline solution bath for the affected part.Splinting the thumb in a comfortable position so that the joint and the ailing part gets rest.I hope this answers your query and I a sure if there is not much of the relief with these medicines, your Mother will take you to the Doctor for clinical evaluation and treatment.