So my throat was very very irritated last night, and

Patient: So my throat was very very irritated last night, and I had looked at it with a flash light and had seen a few white spots on the back of my throat, and it was quite swollen. Now I am really big into essential oils, so I used a lot of those to treat it and it felt much better. Right now it is still swollen but really doesn’t hurt much. The white spots are still there a little, but I have no fever, no headache, nothing else other than a slightly irritated throat that looks way worse than it feels. I like the stay as far away from the strep test as possible… but do you think I need it?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of irritation in the throat and noticing white and big spots on self-e xamination. You take essential oils. There is no fever and no headache and want to stay away from the strep test.My thoughts:It is not only the strep throat that causes the problems.Hence, it is a better solution to get examined by the Doctor to undergo the tests as per his advice and continue the treatment till you are cured.This is so because many of the throat problems become chronic and you get recurrent attacks. Hence, it is better to get a curative treatment now.I hope this answer helps you.