So scared and worried my first pregnancy

Patient: My doctor gave me bad news today saying I am basically going to have a miscarriage . So my question is Do I still have hope ? Here are some things that will tell you my story …I found out I was pregnent jan21 2012 went to my doc a few days to confirm by urine she said I was 4 weeks and 6 days .from my last mp . I had blood work done at five weeks the hcg levels were 946 . I started spotting at 6 weeks and had an ultrasound vag. And they said that they could only see a gestational sac measuring at about 8.7 mm and that puts me at 5 weeks or a bit less . They didn’t see a yolk sac or the fetal pole . My doc said that she isn’t wrong and that my hcg levels are low plus I’m spotting and nothing on ultrasound that equals to blighted ovum . Is that true ? Do I still have some hope?