So two nights ago I woke up in the middle

Patient: So two nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night and both of my knees we’re in so much pain that I could barely stand up.the pain was also intensified with pressure in my abdomen for example if I coughed or peed it would throb even worse, the pain has now moved up into my thighs and my knees feel better. I also have some infections going on, for example, my prostittius is back, it hurts to ejaculate but not to pee, and I have an infection under my right nipple that is soar and inflammed, my doctor prescribed me cephalexin, and prednisone, to help with the nipple lump.. it worked great, but as soon as my script ran out it came back.. I’m also on oxycodone 10 me for a shoulder issue.. Please help

Doctor: The moving pain suggests it is radiating from another source … most likely your back or genital area.You mentioned you have a history of prostatitis … this is part of the genital anatomy and would explain your symptoms. The antibiotics prescribed would aid well for a skin infection but would not treat prostatitis very well. The returning of the nipple infection suggests you need a longer course of antibiotics. If the longer course does not resolve it, the infection will have to be incised and drained.