So two weeks ago ,I had flu and a slight

Patient: So two weeks ago ,I had flu and a slight throat irritation.After a week,my throat felt better ,last Thursday ,after brushing my teeth ,I felt this bitter taste on my mouth.It only got worst when I drank water .Now the tip of my tongue can’t taste anything .Only the back of my tongue works. Please help me .I may have burn the tip of my tongue before the day my mouth when bitter and lost my sensation in the tip of my tongue .My tongue feels normal except the tips feels different .I don’t know if it’s numb but it doesn’t hurt .I am quite active and exercise regularly, my body feels prefectly fine .

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There could have been a burn injury over the tongue, which has got the tissues and tast e glands to die down. Need not worry, it will take 2 weeks or more for the tissues to redevelop and reuse taste sensation. You may consume vitamin B supplements. Drink plenty of cold water. Fresh fruit juices and water to be consumed more and maintain good hydration and oral hygiene. You may need a course of antibiotics as well. Metronidazole mouth ointment may help in case of pain and non-healing.Hope this helped.Regards