Softball hand injury.mandy

Patient: I suffered a hand injury from softball back in September and I am still having troubles with my hand and I am looking for advice if it is worth going to see an expert or not.

Symptoms: Trouble lifting heavy objects. Opening lids, doors, and pushing in chairs. So putting pressure on the hand area.

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor. I recommend an immediate visit to the orthopedic. There could be a possibility of a nerve compression causing weakness of the hand . Certain hand injuries may repair on its own and cause nerve compression in the process . There could be a possibility of the compartment syndrome of the hand. A complete examination of the hand is essential. X-Rays and measurement of the compartment pressure are some tests. Treatment would be directed to relieving the built-up pressure (fasciotomy depending on the severity) . Physiotherapy and medications to relieve pain may be prescribed by the doctor depending on the condition. It is essential that diagnosis may not be delayed as if it is the compartment syndrome , the nerve or muscle compressed may get permanently damaged . I hope this information was useful