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Something more than Overactive Bladder Disorder??

Patient: I have been experiencing urinarybladder problems for about a year now.They started off slowly and began gradually getting worse.The symptoms include urinary frequency,urgency,sometimes being able to urinate olny a small amount but still feeling like my bladder is full.a feeling of pressure in my bladder that is painful and does not go away after i urinate and also some slight leaking.It feels like a bad UTI that i have all the time.I was diagnosed with Overactive bladder disorder for these symptoms and put on meds for OBD.But Just recently i have begun to expiernce more symptoms along with the ones i already have.very heavy and sticky white vaginal discharge,a burning sensation.not when i pee but just on and off during the day,a dripping of cloudy liquid from my vagina and particles for lack of better word in my urine.Im talking a very large amount of small clear colored particles and long strands of particles connected together floating in my urine.The last Dr. i saw had my urine results come back as : “culture,urine ,routine result read : multiple organisms present,each less than 10,000 CFUML.THESE ORGANISMS,COMMONLY FOUND ON EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL GENITALIA,ARE CONSIDERED TO BE COLONIZERS,NO FURTHER TESTING PREFORMED.” Do you think the diagnosis of overactive bladder disorder is correct or is there something more going on here?


Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your overactive bladder in the absence of any urinary tract infections as indicated could b e caused by several etiologies. The first could be anatomic. The uterus can sometimes prolapse, or descend downward resulting in pressure on the bladder which can lead to a sensation of fullness and increased urinary frequency. Overactive bladder can also be caused by dysfunction of the muscle sphincters of the bladder which control the passage of urine into the urethra when it is voided. Lastly, overactive bladder can also be caused by disruption of the nerves that control the urination reflex. At this point, we can only be certain that your overactive bladder is not being caused by an infection, so we recommend that you follow up with a urologist for further evaluation to determine the cause of theses symptoms.Thank you for consulting


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