Something on my blood?

Patient: My body itches and i have this kind of internal pimples on my body that actually are inflamations and now recently i start to feel a little pain on my urethral canal. Its not really pain but a discomfort and it almost feel like itches. I have those symptomes a whe now and seems like it is getting worse and worse. Please help me do figure out what is going on with me ­čÖü

Symptoms: Itches on my body, internal pimples inflamation, discomfort in urinating

Doctor: It seems that you have two problems, one is the itching and rashes on your body and the second, pain in the urethra. You have not mentioned the duration of your symptoms and the pattern of rashes. Generalized body itching, that has persisted for a while, may or may not be due to allergy. Common non-allergic causes like scabies or fungal infections (both resulting from poor personal hygiene) can be easily diagnosed and managed by your family doctor. However, for your urethral pain, you are advised to get a Urine Test (Routine and Microscopic examination) done, to rule out infection. Drink plenty of water and visit your doctor with the urine report for further help.