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Sons penis looks like child ones

Patient: My sons penis is small it looks like a child one who is years old but my son is 19 years old …. what should i do … tell me any treatment can make his penis as normal as his age group



Symptoms: Penis looks like child



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.An average size of an erect penis ra nges from 4 ” to 7 ” ( 10 centimeters – 21 centimeters ).So you need to first ensure that the size of his erect penis is lesser than that.If that is the case, it could be due to low testosterone levels and serum testosterone needs to be evaluated. If the values are indeed low, then he can get testosterone supplements which will improve his size. Such deficiency is also accompanied by loss of secondary sexual characteristics like lack of facial hair, slightly feminine voice, lack of chest hair, etc.Then there are other methods like Jelqing ( pelvic floor muscle exercises ) which increase the blood flow to the penis and subsequently increases its size.So do not worry, meet your physician and get a detailed evaluation done.Hope this was helpful.Regards.

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Patient: yeah my sons penis is very small its just 5cm and while mastrubate he get sperm but its look of very small kid .Can he get the same as normal human beings. If its possible say me the methods and the amount of cost

Patient: he will get married soon by this problem he is very depressed please help me


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