Son’s skin problem

Patient: Dr , I am here to ask about my dear son skin problem.he is 1 year old..he having this skin rash problem in his underarms since three months…almost tried every thing but no use.. Some time it fades of but never goes really… When ever I take out his cloths he try to etch that.. Please help..RegardsKumkum

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It seems that you have allergic rash because of sweating or an allergic reaction to some substance in the body. The rash occurs in the underarms. The allergy is supported by the itching.The reason that itching occurs is because of release of histamine from the body. You should keep the area under the armpits dry by using talcum powder. Make sure he wears loose cotton clothing. Do not wear clothing that is itchy to avoid any rash.If the rash still persists, please talk to a Doctor.Hope this helps.